Finally i convinced my parents to buy half of a Xbox 360. I had to write a 5 page report though... but i got it and now XBL ALL NIGHT.

just thought you should know =D

Mention any good games.

I have Halo 3

Burnout Paradise

Lego Indiana Jones

Kungfu Panda

(last two came with the 360)

Add my Gamer Tag, PurpleFluxx

Just Click it. Not a virus or anything.

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A cool site listing 50 things we now know hat we didnt know last year.

Got to go do my Homework cant say more.

big link ....



This website is a PTC (Pay To Click) Website. For every ad you click and watch for 30 seconds they give you 1 cent USD. The way this site works is that when you clikc an ad makes 10-100 cents, and they give you 1. So far i have made just over 2 dollers. With an autoclicker that i use i dont have to do anything. i just make money.

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Well as you can see i have added a box with the leet word of the day. That inspired me to do a list of all leet speak.

LOL- Laughing Out Loud

ROFL- Rolling On Floor Laughing

LMAO- Laughing My Ass Off

ROFLMAO- Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

AFK- Away From Keyboard

WTF- What The F**k

WTH- What The Hell

OMG- Oh My God

OMJ- Oh My Jonas

W/E- Whatever

W/O- Without

BSoD- Blue Screen of Death

AYBABTU- All Your Base Are Belong To Us

HS- Head Shot

ZOMG- Z Oh My God

LMFAO- Laughing My F**king Ass Off

ROTFLMFAOWSM- Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F**king Ass Off With Some Mice.....O_o

IDK- I Don't Know

IDC- I Don't Care

WTFUMJAMC- What The F**k Your Mom Just Ate My Candies

IGTRYWFAEOYECA- I'm Going To Rape Your Whole Family And Every One You Ever Cared About.........

Well i made up some of those but you can make anything into leet speak.


There's the sentence above in leet speak.

Here's a contest. Whoever can come up with the best sentence for this wins.


Good luck. Post your answer in the Comments. Good Luck.



This website, composed of pictures and videos, is good for a corny laugh or two. Some of the videos are just plain hilarious, and some are just stupid, But still a laugh is a laugh. I would check out the ones I've posted and if you have time check out the rest.

Here's the website.

Here are some of my favs.



By BrynCarey

Think about what you do in all the Grand Theft Autos.(ticktockticktockticktock) You probably just laughed. Well it is pretty funny. By the time you beat the game you have probably killed around 4000 people. (That's if you don't play it like sandbox mode, and if you did play sandbox mode then its around triple that.) You have probably stolen around 4000 vehicles ( triple if sandbox mode,) assaulted around 1000 people (again triple if you sandboxed.) and killed 5000 police men, as well as costing the city millions in damages. Can you imagine the court for that? "Case file 123456783 People v.s CJ on the count of 12000 charges of murder, 12000 charges of Grand Theft Auto, 3000 charges of Assault And 15000 charges of murder of a officer.(Sandbox mode) Well saying that he got convicted he would be spending around 35000 Life sentences in jail, give or take a few. (I don't know the rules about the death penalty in the state of San Andreas.) Ya you wouldn't just get released in a few hours with a Minor fine. Noooooo. You would never see the light of day. That's the first problem. The second one is that if you have just ran over a group of maybe 10 people you wouldn't get 1 star. You would get the WHOLE F**KING POLICE DEPARTMENT ON YOU. if you blow up a few cars with a rocket launcher you would just get 2 stars. THEY WOULD CALL IS F**CKING BOMB SQUAD AND SWAT not just a few cruiser with police men that have their eyes ON THEIR F**KING A$$ES. Seriously. Their is a car right their to use as cover. BUT NOOOOOO the had to roll out from BEHIND the car into the open area........were I blow their head off. You steal the top secret fighter jet. You get around 4 stars. Your thinking "sounds realistic." Well when you have 4 stars the send up the police helicopter..... Helicopter v.s. Fighter jet. who will win? at six stars the send up the other fighter jets. I personally think that the other pilots DON'T EVEN HAVE EYES. They just fly around and don't even shoot. Well all of these flaws it's still an awesomely fun game. try it.